Dua Lipa Gay Or Lesbian

Is Dua Lipa Gay Or Lesbian?


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Dua Lipa, the English pop diva who collaborated with DaBaby on her smash song “Levitating,” was one of the most well-known artists to speak out.

Lipa has always been a supporter of the LGBTQ community, and it’s no secret that she has made it one of her missions to stand beside them in their quest for acceptance in mainstream culture.

People have speculated that Dua Lipa is gay due to her strong feelings on the matter. Of course, like with most great artists, their actions and opinions will always be a source of speculation. Is Dua Lipa actually gay?


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Is Dua Lipa Gay Or Lesbian?

Dua Lipa has utilized her celebrity to fight against many forms of wrongdoing since 2018. Lipa, as a feminist, has continuously spoken out against sexism in the music industry.

But one of her main concerns is how homosexual people are treated, so she speaks out about it whenever she can. Lipa’s rage stems from a personal source.

“I have a vast range of friends and team members that are part of the LGBTQ community,” Lipa revealed in an interview with Attitude magazine. They have taught and motivated me tremendously.” “They are all people I admire in life.”

According to Billboard, Dua believes that the fact that she has friends and family in the area should not be the sole reason she helps out when she can.

“You have the freedom to love whomever you want,” she replied. “Not just because I have LGBTQ friends, but because we’re all individuals and deserve it.” “It’s something I’m very passionate about and will continue to work for.”

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Fighting to defend and assist the LGBTQ community is more than a way for Lipa to make money; it is a duty. “To be able to use my position to promote awareness, show support, talk about it, make people feel seen, heard, and secure, talk to charities, and do what I can… “I believe it is my responsibility to do it,” she stated.

Lipa has always been referred to be a “gay icon” due to her tireless advocacy for homosexual rights. However, the 26-year-old pop artist claims she does not deserve to be labeled such.

It’s difficult to call myself that,” she said, “but I’m trying to channel that energy.” “I’m grateful to have such a wonderful community full of love, energy, and creativity. “Sugar and spice make everything pleasant,” as the adage goes. This is the situation that LGBT people face.”

Dua Lipa Gay Or Lesbian

Does Dua Lipa Really Have Interest In Men?

Lipa has been attracted to guys the majority of the time in her public dating life. She has been associated with English chef Isaac Carew and Paul Klein, the main singer of the American band LANY. Anwar Hadid, Gigi, and Bella Hadid’s younger brother have been her boyfriend since 2019.

Dua Lipa is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ community and has many gay friends, but she remains heterosexual. Dua Lipa may not be a king, but she is unquestionably a queen, and she is demonstrating to the world what a true hero looks like. DaBaby, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk should pay notice.

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