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Irina Shayk’s Dating History: Full List of Ex-Boyfriends Revealed!

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Irina Shayk is a famous Russian supermodel and actress. Her beauty has charmed the fashion world, and her personal life has also gotten a lot of attention. You might know the name of the model because there were rumours that she was dating Kanye West after he broke up with Kim Kardashian. Irina Shayk has dated many famous people during her long and successful modelling career, which makes her personal life even more mysterious. The Russian model has been in love with some famous people, like Kanye West and Cristiano Ronaldo.

 In this article, we take a closer look at Irina Shayk’s dating history, exploring her past relationships and the notable romances that have shaped her life.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina and Cristiano met on the set of an Armani ad campaign in 2010. Soon after, they started dating. In the end, they broke up in January 2015. Irina’s connection with Cristiano was known to everyone because she posted about their trips around the world on social media. In 2014, they even posed together for a sexy cover of Vogue Spain.

Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper dated Irina Shayk, and the two of them have a daughter named Lea De Seine. Lea was born in March of 2017, and it was a surprise to everyone when Victoria’s Secret Angel walked the brand’s annual fashion show in November 2016 happily showing off her baby bump.

Even though her job puts her in the public eye, Irina Shayk likes to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. In a 2019 interview with Glamour U.K., she said that her job forces her to be out in public, but she doesn’t want her personal life to be talked about. She talks about how important it is to keep some parts of her life, especially those that involve her family, out of the public eye.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

Irina Shayk talked about fashion when she talked about being a mom. She said that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to dress in a staid way. According to a British publication, she said that in the current world, women who have children don’t have to wear long dresses. Irina Shayk is sure that becoming a parent shouldn’t make you change who you are. Even though you’re moving on to a new part of your life, you shouldn’t change.

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Kanye West

In June 2021, photos of West and Irina Shayk in France, where the rapper spent his 44th birthday, were made public. Even though neither of them has confirmed or denied the reports, it is said that their short relationship ended later in the summer.

Irina Shayk and kim west

The person said that Kim had heard that Kanye liked Irina Shayk and wasn’t surprised by the two of them being together. It turned out that the rapper has always liked how beautiful Irina Shayk is and that she is a beauty. Since Kanye loves fashion and models, it made sense for him to be with Irina Shayk.

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The source also said that both Yeezy designer Kanye West and KKW Beauty founder Kim Kardashian wanted to show the world that they were moving on after their breakup. A source said that Kanye wanted to be the first person to be seen with a new person, and Kim surprised, felt the same way. They both wanted to be seen together again in public, but it wasn’t something they had planned. They did talk about this, though.

Tom Brady

After they were seen together in Los Angeles in July 2023, Irina and NFL star Tom Brady were said to be dating. Irina and Tom, who got divorced from Gisele Bündchen in October 2022, were seen getting close in his Rolls-Royce as he lovingly touched her face while they talked. They were then said to have spent the night at his house.

Irina Shayk and Tom Brady

Irina and Tom were seen together a month after they both went to the same wedding. This caught the attention of fans who were paying close attention. But Irina’s boss told Page Six that they were just friends at the time. Tom and Irina haven’t talked about the dating reports in public.


Irina Shayk’s dating history reflects a journey through love and romance as she navigates the intricacies of life as a renowned supermodel and actress. Her relationships with famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper put her in the spotlight, but she has also found strength in keeping some parts of her personal life private. Irina continues to do well in her career, and her fans continue to back her, respecting her choices and celebrating her successes on and off the runway.

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