Lee Kyu-Hyung Net Worth

Lee Kyu-Hyung Net Worth: From Humble Beginnings to Successful Acting Career!


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Lee Kyu-hyung was born on November 29, 1983, in South Korea. He made his acting debut in 2010 and has since established himself as one of South Korea’s most popular performers. In this piece, we’ll look at Lee Kyu-net hyung’s worth and how he’s accumulated his fortune over the years.

Lee Kyu-Hyung Early Years and Career

Lee Kyu-hyung was born and raised in the South Korean city of Busan. He first studied civil engineering before deciding to pursue his passion for acting. In 2010, he made his acting debut in the television series “Smile, Dong Hae.”

He went on to appear in numerous other television dramas, including “Secret Love Affair” and “Prison Playbook,” which earned him critical acclaim and industry prominence.

Lee Kyu-Hyung Net Worth

Lee Kyu-Hyung Net Worth

According to several sources, Lee Kyu-net hyung’s worth is estimated to be over $1 million. His great playing career in television dramas and films is his principal source of income.

He has acted in a number of successful dramas and films, which has surely contributed to his rising net worth.

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Lee Kyu-Hyung Rise to Fame

Lee Kyu-breakout hyung’s role was as Bong Seon-ho in the blockbuster television drama “Stranger” in 2017. The concert was a smashing success, propelling Lee Kyu-hyung to national prominence.

For his work, he gained critical acclaim and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards.

With the popularity of “Stranger,” Lee Kyu-hyung received larger roles in popular television dramas such as “Life” and “Doctor John.”

In 2014, he participated in the popular film “A Hard Day,” which helped him establish himself as a notable actor in the Korean film industry.

Lee Kyu-Hyung Source of Earnings

Lee Kyu-successful hyung’s acting profession is his principal source of income. He has appeared in a number of successful television dramas and films, which have surely increased his net worth.

He receives money from different endorsements and sponsorships in addition to his acting job. He has supported a number of well-known products, including Coca-Cola and LG Electronics.


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Lee Kyu-Hyung Important Facts

Sure, here are some interesting facts about Lee Kyu-Hyung:

  • Lee Kyu-Hyung was born in Busan, South Korea, on November 29, 1983.
  • He earned a degree in acting from the Korea National University of Arts.
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung began his career in the entertainment industry as a theatrical actor before moving on to television and cinema.
  • He garnered great popularity for his performance as Namgoong Min-Soo in the hit Korean drama “Prison Playbook” in 2017.
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung has been in prominent Korean dramas such as “Doctor John” and “Hello Bye, Mother!”.
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung is a gifted musician who plays numerous instruments, including the guitar and drums, in addition to acting.
  • He is well-known for his pleasant and humble demeanor and his admirers like him for his down-to-earth demeanor.
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung has won multiple honors for his performances, including the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2018 Korean Drama Awards for his part in “Prison Playbook”.
  • He is also well-known for his humanitarian endeavors, having been involved in a variety of charitable initiatives during his career.
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung maintains an active social media presence and routinely posts updates and images with his supporters.

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