Nick Watts Death

Nick Watts Death: Why Did He Kill Himself?



The death of an Australian teenage couple, Bridie Cocks and Nick Watts has sparked widespread public outrage. Tributes have poured in for the young couple and their tragic love tale.

Nick Watts committed suicide in August 2022. He was upset and perplexed by his family and friends. Bridie Cocks, his girlfriend, committed suicide a few weeks later.

The news of the youthful couple’s demise has gotten a lot of attention on social media. It breaks my heart to realize that we have lost two bright geniuses.

People are curious about why Nick Watts committed suicide now that his death has gone public. What led to such a young person giving up on life?

Nicholas Watts Death

Nick Watts Death: Why Did He Kill Himself?

Nick Watts died by suicide on August 30, 2022. It is unknown why the 16-year-old youngster decided to commit suicide.

Nick’s death was most likely caused by a mental health issue such as depression. A Ballarat family believes Nick’s death, which stunned the town, was caused by a serious lack of psychological therapy.

His partner expressed her regret for not being able to grasp the anguish he was going through in a series of videos on social media.

Bridie stated in one of her viral TikTok videos broadcast on September 24, 2022, that “no lady should be compelled to sit at her boyfriend’s grave.”

Nick Watts was born Nicholas James Watts, the son of Sunny and Debra Watts. Olivia Watts, his twin sister, was born alongside him. The late adolescent has two other sisters.

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