Paul Hebert's Net Worth

Paul Hebert’s Net Worth: A Reflection of His Success in the Fishing Industry!


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Paul Hebert is a well-known fisherman and reality television personality who has appeared on the iconic National Geographic Channel show Wicked Tuna.

With over two decades of commercial fishing experience, Hebert has become a household name in the fishing industry. Over the years, he has created a lucrative career as a fisherman, and his appearances on Wicked Tuna have only contributed to his renown and income.

In this article, we shall investigate Paul Hebert’s net worth and the sources of his riches.

Paul Hebert's Net Worth

Paul Hebert Early Career and Rise to Fame

Hebert was born and reared in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in a fishing family. He began his fishing career at an early age, working on his father’s boat as a youngster. He rapidly developed a passion for fishing and decided to make it his job.

Hebert’s early career was centered on getting lobster and other shellfish, but he later shifted his concentration to obtaining bluefin tuna, which is regarded as one of the world’s most valuable fish. He became well-known for his ability to catch elusive fish and his competitive nature.

Hebert was invited by National Geographic Channel in 2012 to appear on a new reality television show called Wicked Tuna.

The show followed Hebert and a group of commercial fishermen as they competed for the most costly bluefin tuna. Because of his colorful personality and competitive attitude, Hebert immediately became a fan favorite on the show.


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What is Paul Hebert’s Net Worth?

Paul Hebert’s net worth is expected to be around $400thousand¬† in 2023. His net worth is calculated using his profits from commercial fishing as well as his appearances on Wicked Tuna.

Hebert’s commercial fishing earnings are determined by the worth of the fish he catches, notably bluefin tuna. Depending on their size and quality, the fish might fetch tens of thousands of dollars each.

Hebert’s ability to capture these fish has enabled him to earn a substantial sum of money throughout the years.

Hebert has made money from his appearances on Wicked Tuna in addition to his fishing earnings. While the specific amount he makes per episode is unknown, he is sure to earn a sizable sum for his involvement in the show.

Hebert has also been involved with other businesses, such as a fishing apparel line and a fishing charter firm. These ventures are also likely to have added to his net wealth.

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Paul Hebert Interesting Facts

  • His father was a well-known commercial fisherman in the Gloucester area, and he hails from a line of fishermen.
  • Hebert has almost 30 years of commercial fishing expertise and has worked on various fishing vessels.
  • He is most known for his performances on Wicked Tuna, a National Geographic Channel reality show that follows numerous commercial fishermen as they try to catch the most prized bluefin tuna.
  • He has been a cast member of Wicked Tuna since the show’s inception in 2012, and he is recognized for his laid-back nature as well as his ability to catch fish.
  • Hebert’s fishing abilities have won him a lot of money over the years, with some bluefin tuna fetching tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Hebert has been involved in a variety of commercial enterprises, including a fishing apparel line and a fishing charter firm, in addition to his fishing career.
  • He is well-known in the fishing world for his passion for fishing and dedication to his art.
  • Hebert has had legal issues, including a 2017 arrest on federal narcotics charges, but he has since returned to fishing and is still a cast member of Wicked Tuna.


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