Song Hye-kyo Net Worth

Song Hye-kyo Net Worth: A Korean Actress’s Life and Career!


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Song Hye-kyo is one of South Korea’s most well-known actresses. Her most well-known roles include those in popular Korean dramas such as “Autumn in My Heart,” “Full House,” and “Descendants of the Sun.”

Song Hye-kyo is a model and brand ambassador for several high-end fashion brands in addition to her acting career. Song Hye-net kyo’s worth has piqued the interest of many of her fans due to her successful career spanning over two decades.

In this article, we will look at Song Hye-net kyo’s worth, career, and how she has accumulated her wealth.

Song Hye-kyo Net Worth

Song Hye-kyo Beginnings in Life and Career

Song Hye-kyo was born in Daegu, South Korea, on November 22, 1981. She began her modelling career as a teenager and later made her acting debut in 1996 with the drama “First Love.”

Her breakthrough role was in the hugely successful drama “Autumn in My Heart” in 2000, which established her as a household name in South Korea and other parts of Asia.

Song Hye Kyo Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is ‘The Glory’ Star?

The net worth of Song Hye-kyo is estimated to be around $20 million. Her earnings from her acting career, brand endorsements, and other business ventures are all included.

She was ranked seventh on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2017, which ranks the most powerful and influential celebrities in South Korea based on earnings, popularity, and media coverage.

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Song Hye-kyo Earnings and Career Success

Song Hye-kyo continued to appear in popular Korean dramas after the success of “Autumn in My Heart,” including “Full House,” “Worlds Within,” and “That Winter, The Wind Blows.”

She has received numerous acting awards, including the prestigious SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize and the Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress.

Aside from acting, Song Hye-kyo has served as a brand ambassador for a number of fashion and beauty companies. She has collaborated with well-known companies such as Laneige, Levi’s, Fendi, and Shiseido. These endorsement deals have significantly increased her net worth.

Song Hye-kyo Personal Experiences and Philanthropy

Song Hye-kyo is well-known for her charitable activities. She has donated to numerous charities, including the Korean Red Cross, World Vision, and the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

She gave 100 million won (about $84,000) to the Community Chest of Korea in 2020 to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

Song Hye-personal kyo’s life has also piqued her fans’ interest. Previously, she was married to fellow Korean actor Song Joong-ki. They married in 2017, but divorced in 2019.

Because they were one of the most popular celebrity couples at the time, their divorce made headlines in South Korea and other parts of Asia.


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Important Facts

  • Song Hye-kyo was born on November 22, 1981, in the Dalseo District of Daegu, South Korea. She went to Sejong University and majored in Film Arts.
  • Song Hye-kyo began her career as a model before making the transition to acting in 1996. Her breakthrough role in the drama “Autumn in My Heart” in 2000 established her as a household name in South Korea.
  • Song Hye-kyo has appeared in a number of popular Korean dramas over the years, including “Full House” (2004), “Descendants of the Sun” (2016), and “Encounter” (2017). (2018). She has also appeared in a number of films, including “My Brilliant Life” (2014) and “The Crossing” (2014).
  • Song Hye-kyo has received numerous acting awards, including the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards in 2004 for her performance in “Full House” and the Best Actress award at the Korean Film Awards in 2014 for “My Brilliant Life.”
  • Song Hye-kyo is well-known for her charitable work and has contributed to a variety of causes over the years, including education, disaster relief, and animal rights. She is a goodwill ambassador for the Korean National Red Cross and a former UNESCO ambassador.
  • In 2017, Song Hye-kyo married fellow actor Song Joong-ki, but the couple divorced in 2019. She is known for keeping her personal life private and rarely discusses it in public.
  • Global Popularity: Song Hye-kyo is popular not only in South Korea, but also in other countries, particularly in China and Southeast Asia. Several publications have named her one of Asia’s most beautiful women.


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