survivor season 45 release date

Survivor Season 45 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know is Here!

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There will be something new about this forthcoming season of Survivor, as it claims to be the biggest one yet in one specific aspect, which we’ll discuss below. Despite that, we wait with bated breath to see what twists and betrayal or await this new bunch of castaways as they fight to outlive each other. Here’s everything we know so far about Survivor season 45.

When Will We Expect to Premiere Survivor Season 45?

Survivor has been renewed for season 45 by CBS. There is no confirmed release date for Survivor season 45 at the present time, but given the lack of clarity surrounding the fall TV schedule due to the writers’ rise, the fact that Survivor is an unscripted reality show should assure that it airs in September.

Cast of Survivor Season 45

Although we haven’t been given an official cast list, viewers got a sneak peek at Season 45’s “castaways” on the Season 44 finale of Survivor, which included 17 new faces and one returning player.

Bruce Perreault of Survivor: Season 44 is receiving a second chance at the Survivor dream he was denied after leaving the game early due to an injury sustained in the first task. His supporters hope that this time around on the island he has a more positive experience.

survivor season 45 release date

We didn’t learn their names, but the preview suggests that they include a native of Cuba, a US Marine Corps veteran, a genius who turned down Yale and MIT, someone who wants to live off the system, a musician, a descendant of a bank robber, a self-described neurotic, an advantageous player, a native of Boston who lives with his grandmother, and a woman who is starting over and going to law school.

When Was Season 45 of Survivor Filmed?

It is assumed that production for Survivor 45 has not yet commenced. The forthcoming season’s production schedule has not been announced, although it could return to the traditional 39 days or stick with the current 26 days of the “new era.”

If You Were to Guess, Who Would Host Survivor 45?

For the 45th season of “Survivor,” the dimpled torch-snuffer Jeff Probst will be back in his role as host and showrunner. What’s to stop him? The 61-year-old has hosted for four consecutive years (2008-2011) and has appeared in all 44 seasons so far.

survivor season 45 release date

For the most part, Probst‘s providing approach has remained the same throughout the show’s existence. He always questions and encourages the candidates through tasks.

Who Took Home the 44th Season of Survivor?

Since we haven’t seen Survivor 44 yet, it’s safe to assume that we have no idea who will end up as the winner. Visit this page again after the finale airs to learn the identity of the newest Sole Survivor winner.

How to Watch Survivor?

Season 45 of Survivor will premiere on CBS, so if you want to watch it live you’ll need a subscription to either a standard pay-TV cable provider, a live TV streaming service that broadcasts CBS (such as FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, or YouTube TV), or a Paramount Plus premium package. 

Otherwise, fresh episodes will be made available on-demand the next day via Paramount Plus. The most recent season of Survivor, Season 44, and previous seasons are all available to stream on Paramount Plus. Hulu offers seasons 22–25, Netflix offers seasons 18–32, and Netflix has seasons 30-34 and 37–41.

Is There Any Trailer for Survivor 45?

It is customary for the final episode of each season of “Survivor” to include a sneak peek at the upcoming season. However, the first video promo for “Survivor 45” was shown to viewers for the first time during the 44th finale/reunion on May 24.

What About the “Survivor 45” Auction?

When the video trailer was first released on May 24, viewers who were paying attention observed an image of a gavel slamming down at the end of the clip. Fans instantly speculated that this could be a hint towards the return of the show’s renowned “Survivor” auction, which hasn’t been seen in years. 

As you may recall, the auction allows players to bid on food or comfort products (and occasionally on benefits) with money supplied to them. Keep an eye out. “Come on in!” says the host. “Come on in, guys!” was a “Survivor” trademark for more than two decades, every time Probst welcomed participants into a task.

However, the host has yelled the catchphrase one last time. “I love saying it, it’s part of the show, but I, too, want to be of the moment,” he said in Season 41. When a castaway agreed with Probst that the phrase was not inclusive, the host declared, “I’m with you.” I’d like to modify it. “I’m glad that was the last time I said it.” During Season 45, Probst will continue to say the shortened “Come on in.”


The sapphire anniversary of “Survivor,” meaning the landmark 45th season, will premiere (with 90-minute episodes!) on CBS in Fall 2023. CBS will, however, reveal the identity of the 18 cast members at a later date. If you want to watch all seasons, you’ll need to subscribe to Paramount+.

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