Trae Young’s Net Worth

Trae Young Net Worth: What is His Current Financial Status?


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Trae Young is an American professional basketball player who plays point guard in the NBA. He has known by his friend and closed ones as ‘Ice Trae’  and is officially recognized as Rayford Trae Young.

He started playing Basketball in his childhood and entered the 2018 National Basketball Association in 2018 when the Dallas Mavericks selected him in the 2018 NBA draft.

Trae was born on 19th September 1998 in Lubbock, Texas. He has raised in Norman, Oklahoma, and was born to Rayford and Candice Young.  He has three siblings including one younger brother and two younger sisters.

He attended Norman North High School but did not begin playing basketball until his sophomore year. In his first season, Young averaged 25 points per game, led Norman North to a championship title, and was named Oklahoma’s Sophomore of the Year. 

Atlanta Hawks traded him later a few days after his selection with the Mavericks. On 24 October 2019, In the first season, Young scored 38 points against the Detroit Pistons. Since then, the pro basketballer is making handsome wealth from his professional contracts and endorsement deals.

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Trae Young’s Net Worth

Trae first signed Trae signed a rookie contract with the Hawks in 2018 which brought him USD 6,571,800 during the 2020-21 season. Similarly, for the 2021-22 season, Trae earned USD 8,326,471. After that, the athlete came under a rookie extension worth 207 million US dollars from the 2022-23 season onwards. 

By 2023, the net worth of Trae’s calculated to be $ 50 million. Currently, under an agreement with the Atlanta Hawks and is earning from endorsements and other business investments.

This young player has earned since a very young age and is listed as one of the best-paid athletes in the NBA. His tremendous performance also showed remarkable proficiency and stamina on the basketball court to be among the best players. 

Trae Young’s Net Worth

Young signed a multi-year deal with the franchise. After that, he signed a 5-year contract extension with the Hawks up to 207 million USD. Additionally, the NBA star is also involved with various endorsements with globally-reputed companies. 

Currently, Trae Young has various endorsement deals, including Bodyarmor, NBA2K, Tissot, Adidas, Chipotle, eBay, and Old Spice among others. He collects around 3 million US dollars from endorsement contracts.

He signed a multi-year contract worth US$1.8 million with the ‘Three Stripes’ Adidas in June 2018 to promote their shoes and accessories. Trae Young also extended a contract in December 2020, including his own signature shoe, Trae Young 1. It was released in 2021.

Trae Young signed an endorsement deal with the American fast-food chain Chipotle in October 2020. It was an effort to reveal a 53-Foot Shot Challenge that represented its 53 real ingredients. Trae made the shot on TikTok as per the deal requirements.

Trae Young’s Net Worth

Following his sharp success in the professional NBA career, plenty of companies and brands approached the athlete for promotion purposes. He is an iconic player for youngsters who want to pursue a career in basketball. 

In 2020, the basketball player signed a deal with a sports drink company, Bodyarmor SuperDrink. The financial terms of the deal were not revealed, however. Kobe Bryant also invested USD 8 million in the company in 2013.

Trae Young owns a USD 20 million mansion based in Southern California to live like a king. He bought this mansion from the former NFL star Clay Matthews. 

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Trae Young has immense love for automobiles is no secret. He has a huge collection of luxurious four-wheelers that adds more charm to his personality and social status. His car collection includes a brand new matte black Audi R8 V10, a black McLaren 720S, and Lamborghini Aventador in matte black.

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