Anil Bheem's Parents

Who Are Anil Bheem Parents?



Anil Bheem was a popular local singer and radio personality (RJ). He was also referred to as “The Vocalist” Bheem. He was a popular Chutney Soca performer who also performs local Bollywood tunes and bhajans. Anil sang many songs, including Raat a Kali, Saare Zaamane, Dil Ka Rishta, and many others.

Anil died at the age of 47, and he was a well-known vocalist and playback singer in Trinidad and Tobago. Thousands of Anil’s admirers and family members have gathered at the NCIC Nagar location for this final farewell on Thursday.

George Singh, the CEO of Southex Events Management, paid respect to him.

Anil Bheem's Parents

Who Are Anil Bheem’s Parents?

Bheem’s ancestors are Indian, while his parents are Trinidadians. He was born Prematee Bheem, and his mother and father’s identities are unknown.

Bheem had a close relationship with his mother; his mother is a local singer who taught Anil to sing since he was a toddler. Anil became interested in music after witnessing his mother perform at a local music event.

His mum was enthusiastic about his job decision. During high school, Bheem got more interested in music than in any other sport.

But there has never been much information about her, and he hasn’t published many family photos on social media.

Concerning his Father, he has yet to divulge his name in public; each of us is unaware of his Father. Bheem has kept his personal life quiet, thus his parents have kept a low profile. He was also the only child of his parents.

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