Who Are Lindsay Clancy Parents?


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Lindsay Clancy, sometimes known as Lindsay Musgrove, is an American citizen, nurse, laborer, and entrepreneur from Duxbury, Massachusetts.

This Massachusetts nurse is currently employed as an RN in Labor and Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition to this, she worked as a Nursing Assistant at South Shore Hospital.

Lindsay is suspected of murdering her five-year-old daughter Cora, three-year-old Dawson, and eight-month-old Callan, according to media sources.

She has been charged with murder and assault, and it is thought she was suffering from acute postpartum depression at the time of the crimes.

Lindsay Clancy Parents

Who are Lindsay Clancy’s Parents?

Lindsay was born in America to American parents. She adheres to the Christian faith. She comes from a well-established family. Her parents’ precise names, however, are unknown. Lindsay’s father, Mr. Musgrove, is probably a businessman.

Mrs. Musgrove, on the other hand, is a stay-at-home mother. Rita Musgrove is her grandmother’s name. Her other family members, according to her Facebook profile, are Judith Matson Musgrove, Dave Musgrove, Zach Musgrove, and Rob Musgrove. She enjoys spending time with her family.

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Know Everything About Lindsay Clancy!

Lindsay, according to accounts, is an American citizen. She currently resides in Duxbury, Massachusetts, in the United States. Lindsay is a professional Delivery RN and Labor at Massachusetts General Hospital, according to reports. She has been a nurse for a long time.

This woman makes headlines after killing her three children.

According to Meaww, she is accused of strangling her two children to death and gravely hurting the third before trying suicide. Lindsay was detained by the police, according to sources, since she was determined to be complicit in the killings of her children.

She murdered her three children while suffering from acute postpartum depression, according to the Daily Mail. Her third child died on Friday as well. According to People, Patrick requested Lindsay’s forgiveness.