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Who Are Zach Edey Parents?



Zach Edey may be a collegiate basketball player, but he has achieved NBA stardom. There are several explanations for this, with some claiming that his height is the key one. The youthful basketball player is 7 feet 4 inches tall, or 2.21 metres.

As Zach Edey rose to prominence, most fans have been curious about his parents, partly because of his height and their influence to his success. So, who exactly are Zach Edey’s parents?


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Who are Zach Edey’s parents?

Glen and Julia Edey are the athlete’s parents. Julia is a mechanical engineer. Although she is not 7 feet tall, she is tall and has played basketball since she was a young girl. Glen, his father, is over 6 feet tall like his mother and is a huge sports lover, apparently rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Zach enjoys spending time with his family as well. He told his mother he was going to obtain a scholarship so she could retire early. Zach was the first to play baseball. The University of Alabama noticed how amazing his swing was and how good he was at baseball.

He improved his strike zone knowledge as he grew older, but he was unhappy when he played AAA baseball. He has a younger brother named Doug as well. Photos of the Edey siblings on the internet illustrate how close they are.

Despite his lack of prior basketball experience, Edey has shown a lot of promise and is regarded as a rising star in college basketball. For a person his height, he knows how to play well and can distribute the ball and shoot from mid-range.

He is a member of the Purdue University athletic squad. On March 6, 2021, he played his best game of his career against Wisconsin. He scored 21 points against Wisconsin’s greatest players.

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Zach Edey’s Parents Have Been Married for Over Two Decades

When it comes to Glen and Julia’s love story, there isn’t much of a backstory. They met in the 1990s in Toronto, Canada, and married soon after.

The Asian couple has refused to reveal any other information about their wedding date or location. According to our estimates, their marriage has lasted more than two decades and counting.

Zack and Doug are the couple’s two sons. Zach was born in the year 2000, and his younger brother was born two years later, in the year 2002. Doug supposedly plays basketball in high school and, like his father, prefers to keep a quiet profile.


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