Who is Rhonda In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2? What Happens to Her at the End?



The topic “Who is Rhonda?” frequently arises when discussing the popular American criminal drama series “Mayor of Kingstown.” Rhonda must traverse the perilous world of organized crime and political corruption to defend her family’s interests as a major member of the McLusky family, which controls the local prison. In this article, we will examine Rhonda’s goals, relationships, and impact on the overall plot of the series.

Who is Rhonda In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

Rhonda is Bunny’s cousin, and she owns a hair salon in the Black neighborhoods of Kingstown. The salon is called Salon S.C. Rhonda does a lot to keep her family and the community she lives in safety in addition to running her business.

She first appeared in the show’s second season, when she went to Mike McLusky’s office to ask where Bunny was after the prisoners from Tent City prison were moved. At first, Rhonda didn’t like Mike McLusky.

Who is Rhonda In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

She thought he was a fake savior who couldn’t help Bunny. Even though the show doesn’t say how Rhonda is related to Bunny, it’s possible that she is Rafael’s sister because she seems to be close to Bunny, just like Rafael.

Rhonda also asked Mike where Rafael was when she went to see him. Nona Parker Johnson plays Rhonda. She is a talented actress who is best known for playing Detective Carmen “Nova” Riley on the show Law and Order: Organized Crime.

She does a great job of making Rhonda come to life, capturing both her striking beauty and her no-nonsense, caring personality.

Rhonda’s Relationship With Mike 

Bunny and Rhonda are cousins who share many similarities, including a deep love for their family. Rhonda cares for Bunny greatly and only turned to Mike for help when she couldn’t locate him after he was transferred.

Like Bunny, Rhonda has had a challenging past and struggles to trust people, particularly white people, due to the suffering that their community endures at the hands of the Aryan Brotherhood in Kingstown.

Initially, Rhonda dislikes Mike because of his skin color and inability to secure Bunny’s release promptly. She cannot comprehend why Bunny remains friends with a white man whom she perceives as an enemy.

Who is Rhonda In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

However, after he assures her that he keeps his promises and will keep her shop and family safe, Rhonda begins to warm up to Mike. She even invites him to her shop, which is a significant gesture that demonstrates her fondness for him.

The fact that the invitation comes through a member of the Crips gang implies that Rhonda trusts Mike and believes that they could work well together in the future, just as Mike does with Bunny.

In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2, What Happens to Rhonda?

At the end of the second season as Mayor of Kingstown, Rhonda is still alive and reunited with her cousin Bunny, who was released from prison with the help of Mike McLusky.

The character has clearly experienced a difficult childhood, likely enduring a great deal of suffering at the hands of both the gangs and the police in Kingstown.

This has led to her deep-seated distrust of the system and white people as a whole. In the final moments of the second season, Rhonda extends an invitation to Mike to visit her shop.

This is a significant gesture, as it shows that she has come to like and trust him after he kept his promises to get Bunny released from prison and protect both the neighborhood and Rhonda’s shop from the gangs.

Who is Rhonda In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Rhonda’s first meeting with Mike, which takes place in the fifth episode of the second season, is a challenging one. Mike initially has no idea where Bunny is and appears to have no plan for protecting Rhonda’s family.

In response, Rhonda expresses her doubts about why Bunny trusted him and only gives him a chance because of his close relationship with Bunny.

Although Rhonda’s screen time in the second season is relatively limited, it is possible that she will feature more prominently in future seasons now that Bunny is out of prison.

Does Rhonda Belong to the Crips Group?

Rhonda owns her own hair salon, but she also belongs to the Crips gang. She does not take part in the day-to-day running of the gang, though. Raphael and Bunny, who are Rhonda’s cousins, are the leaders of the Crips. This makes it almost inevitable that Rhonda will join the gang.

The Crips are the only gang that keeps Rhonda’s business safe on the streets, and because she is close to Bunny, she has a strong voice in the gang. When Mike stopped AB and the Crips from getting into a fight, one of the Crips said that Rhonda had invited him to her shop.

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This shows how close Rhonda is to the Crips and what her role is in the gang. Also, when Bunny was in prison, Rhonda was in charge of running his business outside of prison, which included running the gang. It’s possible that Rhonda is Bunny’s second-in-command, but she doesn’t take part in much of what the gang does.

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