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Who is Wendell B? What Happened to R and B Singer?

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Wendell B, a name that resonates within the music community, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans through his artistry and passion for music. While his life and contributions are celebrated, his untimely passing has left many wondering about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Wendell B died at 3 a.m. on August 3, 2023, after a long fight with cancer. He was 65 years old. His death left a big hole in the music business. People loved his soulful melodies and skill as a musician, so his death was a big loss for both fans and other musicians. People will always remember and appreciate what he did for R&B music. He left a lasting impact that will continue to inspire and move people for years to come.

In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Wendell B and explore the cause of his tragic demise.

Who is Wendell B?

Wendell B, whose real name was Wendell Brown, was a famous and skilled R&B singer who was known for his deep voice and musical skill. People fell in love with him because of how smooth and captivating his acts were. Wendell B made a big difference in the music business as a singer, songwriter, musician, and band member.

Wendell B

His career as an artist showed that he loved music and worked hard at what he did, which made him a loved figure in the world of Southern R&B.

Wendell B’s Family (Parents and Siblings)

The search results for Wendell B’s parents and brothers show that there isn’t much information about them. It seems like he kept his personal life and family history to himself. In interviews or on social media, he never said who his parents or brothers were or what they were like.

He only said that he was born into a musical family and grew up hearing church and blues music. He also said that his mother, who liked church music, didn’t know that he liked R&B music. He didn’t say anything else about his father, mother, brothers or sisters, though. So, we don’t know if he was an only child or if he had other brothers.

What Was Wendell B’s Cause of Death?

Some reports say that R&B singer Wendell B passed away on August 3, 2023, at 3 a.m. He was said to have had cancer for a long time, which finally killed him. Wendell’s death was seen as a huge loss for the music business. When the news of his death spread online, his close friends and coworkers paid respect to him through different social media platforms. His friend Curtis Muldrew posted a few pictures to Facebook and wrote:

“This morning at about 5:30. I got a sad phone call telling me that my good friend The Boss Wendell B. has died. “I’m going to miss you, my big brother. The last time we talked on the phone, you told me to keep your music going. I love you, big brother. R.I.P.”

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Wendell’s other friend, Christopher Holt, also shared a Facebook post. He called Wendell the best king, hero, father, brother, uncle, and cousin. Saying that he and Wendell were close, the post continued:

“Even when he was sick and in the hospital, we still had our talks. Bro, you will really be missed! Get some rest, bro! No more hurting! I love you! “Til we meet again!”

Wendell B’s Music Career Journey

Wendell B was inspired by big-name artists like Freddie Jackson, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Will Downing, and Joe. He liked how smooth and emotional their voices were, and he wanted to have the same style and success as them. In the early 1990s, he released a song called “Yu Want 2 Play Me.” His first album, “Make It Good for Ya,” came out later in the decade.

Wendell B


Wendell B then chose to go it alone and set up his own label, Smoothway Music, where he had full creative control over his music. He released several records on his label, including “Good Times” in 2005, “Love Life and Relationships” in 2008, “In Touch with My Southern Soul” in 2010, “Get to Know Me…” in 2013, and “The Next 1” in 2016. His records showed how talented and versatile he was as an R&B artist by combining blues, soul, funk, and gospel sounds.

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Wendell B also worked with other Southern R&B artists, such as Sir Charles Jones, Bigg Robb, Omar Cunningham, Lenny Williams, Calvin Richardson, and more. He played at places and events all over the country, which gave him a loyal following and the respect of his peers. He was up for several awards, such as the Blues Critic Awards and the Southern Soul Music Awards.

Wendell B’s Personal Life

Web search results show that Wendell B was in a long-term relationship with his boss, Jacqueline Cenae Williams. They’d been together for more than 20 years and were very close. But it’s not clear if they were married by the law or not.

Wendell B didn’t say much about his kids or other family members, so we don’t know if he had any. He kept his personal life very private and focused on his music business. He died on August 3, 2023, after he had been sick for a long time.

Final Words

Wendell B’s life and contributions to the world of music will forever be remembered. His artistry, passion, and the emotions he conveyed through his music have left an enduring imprint that will continue to touch hearts and minds for years to come.

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