Anthony Don Mitchell Death

Anthony Don Mitchell Death: Anthony Don Mitchell Files a Lawsuit!



Anthony Don Mitchell was punished by being kept in the kitchen freezer of a jail, where he eventually froze to death.

Mitchell, who had a history of drug misuse, was detained on January 12 after his cousin requested that authorities check on him for welfare because he was rambling about paradise and hell at his home and appeared to be suffering a mental breakdown. Mitchell had a history of drug misuse.

Cameron Mixon, a spokesperson for Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, stated that the office is aware of the incident and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are investigating.

After the inquiry is completed, the office, according to him, will ensure that any appropriate actions are done.

Anthony Don Mitchell Death

Anthony Don Mitchell’s Death

According to the complaint filed by the man’s relatives, the mentally ill man died after freezing to death in an Alabama jail. They claim he was held naked in a concrete cell and also in a freezer or other cold setting.

According to the lawsuit, Anthony Don Mitchell, who was 33 years old, died several hours after arriving at a hospital emergency room with a body temperature of 72 degrees (22 degrees Celsius).

On January 26, he was brought to the hospital from the Walker County Prison, where he had spent the previous two weeks.

According to Mitchell’s mother’s lawsuit, which was filed in federal court on Monday, an emergency department physician who attempted to resuscitate Mitchell believes that hypothermia was the ultimate cause of his death.

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Anthony Don Mitchell Files a Lawsuit

A jail video, according to the lawsuit, shows Mitchell being kept naked in an isolation cell with a concrete floor.

Mitchell was allegedly placed in the jail kitchen’s walk-in freezer or another exceedingly cold location and left for hours owing to his extremely low body temperature, according to the lawsuit.

In this case, the sheriff’s office is also accused of concealing up. Following Mitchell’s death, the sheriff’s office stated that he was awake and conscious when he left the institution.

The Associated Press obtained a jail security film showing cops taking Mitchell’s limp body to a transport car, placing him on the ground, and loading him into the vehicle from Mitchell’s mother’s lawyers.

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