Copycat Killer Character Explained

Copycat Killer Character Explained: Why Did Shen Jia-Wun Kill the Girls?



Copycat is an American psychological thriller film from 1995. It stars Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, and Dermot Mulroney. The film was directed by Jon Amiel. Christopher Young wrote the music for the film. Shen Jia-wun is known for killing other people.

He is responsible for a string of murders that were done in the same way as other well-known murders. For years, no one knew who the killer was because he was able to avoid the police and didn’t leave any evidence behind.

This article will talk about Shen’s Jia-background when’s and why he did what he did. It will also talk about his most famous crimes and how they affected society.

Copycat Killer Character Explained

Kuo Hsiao-Chi is a very careful prosecutor, but he often gets into fights with his other law enforcement colleagues. When a cut-off hand is found in a park, Hsiao-Chi and inspectors Lin Shang-Yong and Jhang Da-Chao work on the case.

Lu Yan-Jhen, a researcher at the TNB news station, is looking into a number of cases of women going missing. As more girls go missing, Hsiao-Chi becomes sure that a serial killer is at work.

She ties the case to a previous murder where the killer confessed and was sent to prison. Hsiao-Chi asks his ex-girlfriend, a psychologist named Hu Yun-Huei, and Jian-older Ho’s sister to help him solve the case.

Copycat Killer Character Explained

But the killer starts calling the media and torturing the families of the missing girls, while the media tries to ruin the reputations of the victims to get more viewers. Hsiao’s coworkers Chi Jian-ho, Chen He-Ping, and Hu Jian-ho get more and more involved in the case, and people start to wonder if they might know the victims.

As the investigation goes on, Shang-daughter Yong is taken, and Hsiao-Chi starts to think that the killer may have had a helper. He finds out that Jian-school ho’s friend, Shen Jia-Wun, had a hard childhood, and everything points to him being the killer.

Shang-Yong tries to kill Jia-Wun, but he and Jian-ho die when Jia-Wun drives their car off the road. Hsiao-Chi keeps working on the case because she wants to clear Jian-name. ho’s But Chen He-Ping becomes a suspect when he tries to prove that the murders were done with the help of another person.

When Ya-Cih looks into an old story that He-Ping worked on, he shows himself to be the real mastermind and kills her. After killing Ya-Cih, He-Ping writes a book about serial murders and takes over her talk show. He becomes the center of attention and helps spread the idea that the police are not doing their jobs well.

He sends videotapes to all the news stations. On the tapes, he calls himself “Noh” and says “Hsiao-Chi.” Yun-Huei died because the killer was too focused on himself, which pushed Hsiao-Chi to the edge. He-Ping and Hsiao-Chi get into a fistfight, but when Hsiao-Chi pulls the trigger, he does so on purpose.

The case is finally solved when He-Ping is found to be the murderer and Hsiao-Chi clears Jian-name. ho’s The case hurts everyone involved and leaves scars that won’t ever go away.

Why Did Shen Jia-wun Kill the Girls?

Hu Jian-Ho begged Shen Jia-wun over and over to let Yu-tong go, but Shen Jia-wun refused. Jia-wun made Hu Jian-Ho ride in his car with him because he knew the police could come at any time. Yu-tong, on the other hand, was stuck in the boot of the car, and Jia-wun didn’t know what to do with her.

He drove recklessly as if trying to get away from the bad things that had happened to him in the past, but he failed. Jia-wun and Hu Jian-Ho died right away when their car went over a cliff. Yu-tong was lucky to be alive. Hsiao-Chi Kuo’s team found her and took her to a hospital.

Copycat Killer Character Explained

Shen Jia-life Wun was sad, as shown in the “Copycat Killer” series, and he knew that he could never start over. He couldn’t get the painful memories of his childhood out of his mind. Jia-mother Wun went crazy after she lost her husband and two-month-old daughter.

When Jia-wun was born, his mother thought she had been reunited with her daughter. She treated him as if he were her daughter and made him wear women’s clothes and accept that he was a girl. Jia-wun felt like he had to prove his existence from a young age, but his mother’s refusal to do so had a big impact on him.

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Pei-fen even gave Jia-wun her daughter’s name. Because of his fear, his need to prove himself, and his anger and frustration, Jia-wun turned into a beast that he hardly recognized.

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