Is The Crossover Based on a True Story?



Hello friends! Are you wondering about any sports drama? Then Disney Plus unveiled a new trailer for a series The Crossover which premiered on 5th April 2023. The Disney series focuses on two brothers, Josh and JB Bell, who navigate the ups and downs of family life and their passion for basketball.

The whole story revolves around these two boys who are passionate about playing in the NBA and desire to become the greatest basketball players of all time.

The series was released and we got acquainted with the story of these passionate boys. In the series, you will see Chuck Bell, a professional basketball player who coached these young boys is also their father.

The creator has tremendously portrayed the picture in which you will see the aspirations to become two of the basketball greats get threatened by hurdles that arise among their family specifically when Chuck’s got health issues.

It is interesting how Chuck gets out of this.

Is The Crossover a True Story?

Now, everyone wonders whether The Crossover is based on a true story or not.

Well, the answer is no! The series is a television adaptation of renowned children’s fiction writer Kwame Alexander’s eponymous novel.

Although Alexander’s novel is fictional, the writer was inspired by his own experiences as a twelve-year-old to achieve his goals.

Alexander told in the interview “I simply wanted to write a good story about sports, family, friendship, and that first crush, all things that were important to me when I was 12,” he also shared his website about the inspiration behind writing the children’s novel.

He co-relates his upbringing the same way it is in the lives of Filthy and JB.

Moreover, in the sports drama series, Alexander’s father who portrays Chuck was a basketball player in college and Air Force. The piece of advice or “rules” Chuck shares with his two sons are extremely similar to the ones the writer’s father shared with him.

Is The Crossover a True Story

Alexander also explained “My dad used to say things to me like, ‘You can’t know what you don’t know;’ he is just saying, ‘Never hang around with people who have less to lose than you do.’ My dad used to drop these things on me non-stop, going to school in the morning or when I made a mistake,”

The author’s father’s words are considered the foundation of Chuck’s rules, which guide the two boys.

As Alexander wrote the novel inspired by his teaching from his father, he relates the song to his life  “song to my father and an ode to my father,” during the interview. The author recalls Chuck as reimagining how his father might have been when he played basketball before entering academia.

Apparently, we can find Alexander in Filthy or JB. However, in the story, he was unable to see a future in[playing basketball as his two main lead actors.

The author also explained during the interview, “I played basketball a lot, but I wasn’t good enough to be competitive. I excelled at tennis and talked a lot of trash, which I bring into the book.”

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The Crossover Cast

Have a look at The Crossover cast members alongside their respective roles below:

The Crossover Cast

  • Jalyn Hall as Josh Bell
  • Amir O’Neil as JB Bell
  • Derek Luke as Chuck Bell
  • Sabrina Revelle as Crystal Bell
  • Skyla I’Lece as Alexis
  • Deja Monique Cruz as Maya
  • Trevor Raine Bush as Vondle
  • Himie Freeman as Future Josh
  • Darone Okolie as Future JB
  • Gabriela Lopez as Future Maya
  • Joel Steingold as Basil St. John
  • Johnny Cantley as Future Vondie
  • Yvonne Senat Jones as Janice

Undoubtedly, the series and its source novel are fictional, but in the end, both boys succeed in moving the viewers and readers with their reliability. The author relates his story to these two boys. Alexander conceived the novel to introduce the shades of the importance of life, such as family, to his young readers.

He garnered the element of basketball and portrayed it in a unique way on the screen.

He said “Ultimately, this is a book about basketball but it is really about so much more. It’s about family and brotherhood and friendship and crossing over from boyhood into manhood.

Basketball was just sort of a metaphor, it was a frame, it was a way to sort of get boys to pick up this book, was a way to get girls excited about this book.

It was what I remembered liking when I was twelve years old and would have loved to have had a book that dealt with this subject.”

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