Is Incantation Based on a True Story?

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“Incantation” is a Taiwanese mockumentary horror film directed by Kevin Ko. It is about Li Ronan and her daughter as they try to deal with a terrible religious curse. Ronan broke a holy rule six years ago and was cursed because of it. She had no idea that what she did would hurt someone she cared about. Now, she has to do everything she can to keep her daughter from having to pay for what she did.

There are a lot of skilled actors and actresses in the horror movie, like Tsai Hsuan-yen, Huang Sin-ting, and Kao Ying-hsuan. The storylines, themes, and camera work keep the audience very interested. The Taiwanese movie is about a lot of complicated things, like how people see things, religious cults, and a lot more.

Since the mockumentary tries to show all of these things in a pretty realistic way, it makes sense that you would wonder if the story is true. Well, let’s look into it and see if it has anything to do with the truth.

Is Incantation Based on a True Story?

The story of Incantation is not true. The movie’s “found footage” is made up. On the screen, everyone you see is an actress. There is no such thing as a “true story” about a curse or a monster that will take over your body. So don’t worry, just because you watched a scary movie on Netflix, you are not cursed.

The movie Incantation is partially based on a “true story” that happened in Taiwan in 2005, but the filmmakers haven’t said much about what happened there. The movie is also influenced by old Asian horror movies and the way people use the internet today.

As part of the marketing for the movie Incantation, the fact that it was based on a real story was talked about a lot. Online, there are very few details about the exact event in question. But a post on the Chinese website Lujuba says that the event that inspired Incantation happened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


“At that time, a family of six thought they were possessed by a god. The whole family went crazy, even cutting themselves and doing other strange things, which caused one of them to die.” – Author without a name, via Lujuba. A story that hasn’t been confirmed says that in 2005, a family of painters with the last name Wu said they had been cursed and even “possessed by Gods.”

“No one in the family ate for several days. The family members beat each other with sticks and the main card of the gods burned their skin with lit incense and even splashed feces on each other and ate feces. – Author without a name, via Lujuba.

A few days later, the family’s oldest daughter was said to have died from “violent” injuries, but the family “was still sure that it wasn’t the oldest daughter who died, but a demon she was possessed by.” The cause of death was supposedly “multiple organ failure,” and the body of the person who died was “bruised and bruised” so much that it “drew the attention of the police” and “became a strange urban story.”

But Incantation was also “inspired by Internet culture, like forum threads, YouTuber confessionals, and email chain letters,” according to the film’s director, Kevin Ko. In addition to Ring, One Missed Call, Dark Water, and Ju-On, which are all well-known Asian horror movies, there are many more.

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“Asian horror has had a big impact on the genre and helped take it to new heights. We are happy to work with a new generation of Asian filmmakers who are making movies that will show today’s audiences what terror is. – Janelle Ong, as reported by DreadCentral.

It should be clear that none of the above information about ownership has ever been confirmed in public by the right officials. We also haven’t been able to find any new information that backs up this report, so this “true story” should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt.

How Did Kevin Ko Come Up With the Idea for His Movie?

In the end, we got to see how things turned out for the crowd. Kevin says that he thinks religion is the thing that affects people the most. When we talk about religion and how any society can have an effect on someone, we reach the most people.



The director says that jump scares and good sequences make it easy to scare people for a second. But it’s not enough because these scares don’t make people change in a way that lasts.

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But when it comes to faith and the taboos that go along with it, that adds a level of gear that nothing else can do. Kevin says that he wanted to look at these thoughts and see how they affect people in his movie.

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