Patrick Mahomes Gay

Is Patrick Mahomes Gay: Is He Gay or Straight?



Patrick Mahomes is heterosexual, not gay. It is well known that the National Football League (NFL) quarterback for the American football Kansas City Chiefs has only ever had romantic relationships with women in the past.

At Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes first played both baseball and collegiate football, but he later gave up baseball to concentrate solely on football. He has guided the Kansas City Chiefs to back-to-back trips in the AFC Championship Game.

Yet aside from his lucrative professional career, there have also been recent allegations about his sexual orientation. The player’s sexuality and romantic history are included in the following information.


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Is Patrick Mahomes Gay? Is He Gay or Straight?

One of the irrational queries that have been spreading on the internet is about Patrick Mahomes’ sexual orientation.

A lot of people are constantly exploring the internet for more information about him due to the level of popularity he has attained as a professional player, and this time it is specifically regarding his sexuality.

Information acquired indicates that Patrick’s younger brother Jackson Mahomes is the source of rumors about him being gay. Jackson, a TikToker and internet sensation, is frequently criticized for his sexual orientation.

He receives many homosexual jokes about it because he has a feminine voice and body type.

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Due to his embarrassing TikTok videos, Jackson has also been accused of being gay in social media comment sections, but he doesn’t seem bothered by the accusations and doesn’t reply to them.

Now, for some unknown reason, some people mistake Patrick for his younger brother and instantly believe he is the one.

But despite what is widely known, Patrick Mahomes has never been involved in a sexual orientation controversy on a personal level.

Patrick has not attempted to refute or address the rumors, but it is safe to assume that he is in fact straight given his dating history, which refutes any claims that he is gay and thus dispels any ambiguity surrounding his sexual orientation.

The athlete reportedly dated a couple of other ladies in the past even before he wed his wife, Brittany. In light of this, it can be said that Patrick Mahomes is not gay as has been suggested. Simply put, his recent marriage is evidence of this.


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