Joe Thomas' Before and After

Joe Thomas’ Before and After Weight Loss: How NFL Legend Dropped 50 Pounds After Retirement?

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Joe Thomas, a former NFL offensive tackle, is well-known not just for his amazing football career but now also for his remarkable weight loss transformation. In 2018, the sportsman announced his retirement from the NFL. The sport he participated in appeared to have had a substantial impact on his calorie consumption and lifestyle. He now prioritizes his health and living a healthy lifestyle. Changes in his diet, calorie intake, and activity have all played a role in his transformation. He made a lot of changes after retiring, such as getting health checkups and blood testing, which helped him change his diet and lifestyle to be more sustainable.

In this post, we’ll look at Joe Thomas’ before and after weight loss, as well as the circumstances that prompted his transformation and the beneficial influence it had on his life.

Who Is Joe Thomas?

Joe Thomas is a well-known professional football player. He retired in 2018 after playing for the Cleveland Browns. He has played over 10,000 consecutive snaps and is well-regarded as an offensive guard in the game. When it comes to football, weight and size are important elements, therefore when Joe Thomas weighed 312 pounds, no one noticed.

Joe Thomas

He is also the recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. Following an injury and a successful 11-year NFL career, the NFL iron man elected to retire from the game. He chose to focus on his health after retirement and eat healthier in order to lose weight. A shift in lifestyle and daily routine were game changers for this outstanding athlete.

Joe Thomas’ Before and After

Joe Thomas shed 50 pounds after retiring from the NFL. This aroused fan curiosity about Joe Thomas’ before and after appearances. As you may have observed, he did not always fit on the line. But, after seeing his change, who could say that?

He reportedly weighed 325 pounds when he entered the NFL, which aided him in the running game when attempting to move others. Continue to read for further details about how Joe Thomas lost his extra pounds.

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Joe Thomas’s Diet Plan

Joe Thomas described how he effortlessly shed the first 40 pounds after retiring. He accomplished this by reducing the additional calories he used to ingest. He had to learn to eat smart after losing the initial weight. According to him, knowing the proper quantities of carbs, proteins, and fats is critical to losing weight. He began charting his meals and paying attention to the proportions.

He now follows a low-carb diet, avoiding most sweets and processed carbohydrates. He learnt to consider the nutritional content of what he ate rather than simply heaping his plate. This aided him in keeping track of his meals. He also incorporates intermittent fasting into his fitness routine, which has proven to be extremely beneficial to him.

Joe Thomas' Before and After

He has been eating slow-digesting items like veggies and meat to keep his daily calorie intake between 1500 and 2000. This keeps him satiated. When it comes to sweets, he says he’s been flexible and will eat some if it’s a birthday or the family is having dessert. While he tries to stick to the low-carb diet, he does indulge on occasion when he is out with his buddies.

Joe also discovered that the amount of carbohydrates and sugars he consumed was contributing to inflammation. This was one of the primary reasons he opted to reduce his intake of sugar and carbohydrates. When he switched to a low-carb diet, he noticed a difference and felt lighter, with less tension on his knees. The oedema he was experiencing began to subside and eventually disappeared. This, in turn, alleviated his knee pain.

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Disclaimer: We do not claim or motivate anyone to follow Joe’s diet and workout regime. Everyone’s body is different so please consult your doctor before trying anything on your body.

Joe Prefers Yoga as His Favourite Work Out

Joe attributes much of his weight loss to his yoga practice. “I also enjoy yoga,” he added. It makes my body feel AMAZING. It benefits my joints and serves as cardio for me. My wife bursts out laughing. She refers to it as a stretch. But it’s a wonderful workout for me because I sweat a lot. I’m now at 255. Right now, I’m attempting to shed a few pounds. I suppose that’s what everyone says.”

Joe Thomas' Before and After

He also told Men’s Health that spending a lot of time in the pool helped him because his joints were so strained from his time in the NFL. “I’m doing a lot of single joint exercises,” he wrote. I also developed a passion for swimming and riding. Because I’m a bigger guy, low-impact cardio is preferable.”


Joe Thomas’ journey of transformation from his football days to his after-weight loss phase exemplifies the power of determination and perseverance. As an athlete and role model, he serves as an inspiration to those facing weight-related challenges, demonstrating that positive change is possible with the right mindset and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Beyond the gridiron, Joe Thomas continues to make a positive impact, encouraging others to take charge of their well-being and embrace healthier choices.

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