John Aniston Death

John Aniston Death: What Were the Medical Cause Behind His Death?



John Aniston, the veteran actor and Days of Our Lives star, died at the age of 89. On November 14, 2022, his daughter, actress Jennifer Aniston, confirmed his death on Instagram. The actor’s film and television credits include Search for Tomorrow, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and Mad Men.


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What Were the Medical Cause Behind His Death?

Jennifer Aniston wrote a poignant homage to her late father on Nov. 14, 2022, revealing he died on Nov. 11, or “11/11.” She stated, “John Anthony Aniston’s sweet father You were one of the most attractive people I’d ever met.

I’m so glad you soared into the sky in peace – and without agony. And on November 11th, no less! You had impeccable timing. That number will always have an even bigger importance for me now. I’ll adore you till the end of time.”

The actress failed to specify John’s cause of death in her tweet. John died by natural causes, owing to his lack of recognized health difficulties and his age.

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Who Was John Aniston?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, John A. Aniston, (July 24, 1933 – November 11, 2022), born Yiannis Anastasakis, was the fourth of four children born to a Greek family from Crete. When his father moved the family to Chester, Penn., to operate a restaurant, John got interested in acting from an early age.

He went on to attend Penn State University and serve in the United States Navy before making his debut appearance on the CBS program Brenner.

He’s been in a number of television shows since then, but his longest role to date was as the wicked Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives.

He had previously been on the soap opera as a doctor beginning in 1969 but departed after roughly a year before returning in 1985 to portray Victor. He remained in the job until his death.

John is survived by his second wife, Sherry Rooney, his son Alex Aniston, and his daughter Jennifer. Fan wishes the best for his family.

John Aniston Death