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The OA Season 3: Explanations for the Cancellation!


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The OA 3, the Netflix sci-fi collaboration between Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, has developed into one of the craziest and most creative series on television today.

The first season popped out of nowhere in late 2016 as if from another realm, and it’s much anticipated second iteration debuted in the spring of 2019 to even more Reddit analysis and applause.

(For starters, we’ve dubbed it the finest TV programme of 2019 thus far and Netflix’s best original series; we’ve also placed it on our 2019 sci-fi shows must-watch list.)

The OA follows the multi-dimensional adventure of a formerly blind lady named Prairie (played by Marling) who encounters telepathic octopuses and talking trees, as well as rhythmic dancers, leaving viewers famished for answers to all of the mind-boggling issues it raises.

Not only do we at Thrillist wonder where in the universe Prairie, Homer, Dr Hap, and pretty much everyone else are, but we’re also curious about the progress of Season 3. Find out everything currently known about The OA: Part III below.

The OA Season 3

Will There Be “The OA Season 3”?

Unfortunately, The OA: Part III will not be released, at least on Netflix. The streaming service stated in August 2019 that the series will be discontinued after only two seasons.

In a statement, Netflix’s head of original content Cindy Holland said, “We are tremendously proud of the 16 fascinating episodes of The OA, and we are thankful to Brit and Zal for sharing their ambitious vision and for bringing it to life via their great creativity… We look forward to collaborating with them in the future, maybe in many additional capacities.”

The makers of The OA have no intentions to continue the series, even in the form of a movie, according to a report published by Variety in late August. The cancellation of “The OA sparked an intensely committed movement of on-site demonstrations and hunger strikes among fans.

The showrunners reportedly examined the concept but eventually determined that the timeframe of a movie would not allow for a satisfactory end to a five-season plot arc. Given that Netflix was the show’s producer, it appears that The OA is genuinely gone, as another network cannot pick it up without significant talks.

Brit Marling expressed her farewells to the series in a long Instagram post, praising her devoted fans for their efforts to salvage it but adding that the programme will now only exist “inside of us” moving forward. Thus, it is likely time for us all to officially say our goodbyes. Or is it???

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Why Was “The OA 3” Cancelled?

While Netflix does not share its audience figures, and the termination occurred alongside other choices to cancel a number of other original series, like Tuca and Bertie, it is a curious move, given that The OA was apparently intended to span five seasons.

Holland herself told IndieWire in July 2018, months before Season 2 was aired, that the series was originally conceived as a multi-season project that Netflix supported. She stated, “The OA is incredible… As soon as Brit [Marling] and Zal [Batmanglij] presented us with a five-season storyline, we were really enthusiastic.”

Jason Isaacs, who portrayed the bad guy, Dr Hap reiterated this approach in a March 2019 conversation with us. Thus, it appears that Netflix lost interest and chose to abandon those initiatives.

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