Tiger Woods Relationship Timeline

Tiger Woods Relationship: From High Profile Romances to Marriage and Divorce!



Tiger Woods is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, owing to his amazing talent and numerous accomplishments in the sport. Yet, his personal life has also been scrutinized by the media, particularly his relationships.

This article will examine Tiger Woods’ dating history, from high-profile relationships to marriage and divorce.

Tiger Woods Relationship Timeline

1997: Early Relationships

Tiger Woods began dating Joanna Jagoda, a college student at Stanford University, where he was also a student, in 1997. The two had a long-distance relationship, and Woods would frequently pay Jagoda visits on college.

Their romance, however, did not continue long and they eventually split up.

1998-2004: The Elin Nordegren Years

Tiger Woods was best famous for his romance with Swedish model Elin Nordegren. The two met at the British Open in 2001, when Nordegren was working as a babysitter for another golfer.

Woods and Nordegren began dating in 2002, and their romance swiftly became public. They were seen together on a number of occasions, and Nordegren was frequently seen at Woods’ golf tournaments.

Woods and Nordegren got engaged in 2004, and they married the following year in a grandiose ceremony in Barbados. The couple had two children together: Sam, a daughter, and Charlie, a son.

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Scandal and Divorce in 2009

Tiger Woods’ personal life took a dramatic turn in 2009 when it was revealed that he had many extramarital affairs. The controversy sparked a media frenzy, and Woods’ reputation suffered as a result.

Nordegren filed for divorce in 2010, and the couple’s marriage was officially annulled.

Relationship with Lindsey Vonn in 2013

Tiger Woods began dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn after his divorce from Nordegren. They’d known one other for a while and had a mutual admiration for each other’s athletic ability.

They made their romance public in 2013 and were frequently seen together on various occasions. Their romance, however, terminated in 2015, with both sides claiming busy schedules as the reason for the breakup.


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2017-2018: Relationship with Erica Herman

Tiger Woods began dating restaurant manager Erica Herman in 2017. The two first met at the Presidents Cup, where Herman was working. They kept their romance quiet for a while before coming public in 2018.

Woods and Herman were frequently spotted together on numerous occasions, and she was frequently seen cheering him on during his golf games.

Today’s Date

Tiger Woods’ dating status is unknown as of 2021. He has not been romantically linked to anyone, and it appears that he is focused on his profession and his children.

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