Tulisa Before and After

Tulisa Before and After: Everything About UK Singer’s Cosmetic Surgery Journey!

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Tulisa is an R&B/Hip hop singer best known for her hits Young and Live It Up. She debuted in the 2000s alongside cousin Dappy and fellow rapper Fazer. They used to be a part of a group named N-Dubz, which quickly became famous after they began releasing music together.

Tulisa was born on July 13, 1988, in London, England, to Irish and Greek parents. When Dappy and Fazer first started producing songs, they felt they lacked a female voice in the group and recruited Tulisa to join N-Dubz. With songs like Strong Again, this new ensemble of theirs managed to top the UK charts.

Tulisa released her debut solo album named “The Female Boss” six years later, in 2012. She acted as a judge on The X Factor and is credited with helping the group Little Mix to stardom. Tulisa departed the show after a few seasons to pursue a career in music.

Tulisa has gotten a lot of negative feedback for her cosmetic modifications, which appeared to have started with lip injections and becoming brunette. Despite the hatred, Tulisa has remained a sweet spirit who continues to release wonderful music as time passes.

What Happened To Tulisa After Surgery?

Tulisa Contostavlos, born Tula Paulina Contostavlos, attended Haverstock Secondary School before pursuing a career in music. She achieved enormous popularity in a short period of time through the group N-Dubz. Her beauty and charisma, in addition to her great voice, contributed to her popularity.

Tulisa was born with the kind of beauty that people today pay for, as evidenced by photos from her early popularity. Unfortunately, Tulisa was taught that she was not attractive enough for the new generation. She stated in an interview that she considered her physical self like a business and would attempt to keep everything in order so that it did not interfere with her profession.

Tulisa Before and After


People first noticed her new look in the 2010s, when she was pictured getting lip injections. This altered her looks slightly, but not much enough to make her appear to be someone else. Trolls started flooding her social media with harsh remarks about her face as she began receiving additional cosmetic modifications, even threatening her for no reason.

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She had every right as a person to treat her body however she saw fit, but being in the public glare has its consequences. Tulisa eventually learned to deal with the detractors and continued to create music for her admirers while also mastering meditation and martial arts.

Tulisa Before and After Photos

Tulisa disclosed in the year 2020 that she had Bell’s Palsy, a nerve ailment that can cause one side of the face to become entirely paralyzed.

She’d been in an accident years before the disclosure that had left her with nerve damage that was causing the condition. Tulisa stated that when she was first diagnosed, she kept herself in her house for months to avoid the public glare.

Tulisa Before and After

In 2022, N-Dubz was slated to make a comeback in the worlds of R&B and Hip Hop. This meant that Fazer, Dappy, and Tulisa would reunite as a group and undertake tours across the country and elsewhere.

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When Tulisa reappeared in 2022, it was clear that she had done more work on herself. She no longer resembles her former self. It’s not always cosmetic surgery, as age also plays a factor in appearance, but her lips had gained volume. She received fillers in her cheeks as an anti-ageing procedure as well. It’s no secret that Tulisa has discussed her surgeries in numerous interviews.

Where Is Tulisa Now?

Tulisa couldn’t care less about what others thought of her face because she was about to embark on the N-Dubz summer tour. The band has disclosed on social media that this will be a wonderful and nostalgic tour for their former fans and that performing for them feels like coming home.

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