Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife

Who Is Jelly Roll Married To: Meet His Wife Bunnie Xo!!!



Jelly Roll is an American songwriter, rapper, singer, and musician. He was born on 4 December 1984 in Antioch, Tennessee, US. Jelly Roll’s real name was Jason Deford. Jelly Roll revealed that this is not his legal name and he also said his mother gave him the name ‘chubby kid’ when he was young. 

Jelly’s first debut album was Hypnotize Minds which was released on April 19, 2011. His songwriting collaborations with Wyte, Yelawolf, Struggle Jennings, Ryan Upchurch, and Tech N9ne. 

In 2010, he partnered with “Pop Another Pill” with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte. 

Jelly Roll also released many mixtapes including the Gamblin on a Whiteboard series. On October 26, 2016, he released his solo studio Album “ The Big Sal Story”. 

On April 2, 2023, Jelly won three CMT (Country Music Television) Music Awards, including Male breakthrough video of the Year and male video of the Year, for the song “ Son of a Sinner”, CMT digital first performance of the Year. 

Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife?

The famous rapper and singer are married to ‘Bunnie Deford aka Bunnie XO’. She is his long-term partner, and the couple has both been dating for several months.

Bunnie XO’s real name was Ashley Deford, she is a podcast host, model, and Youtuber and she started her own Dumb Blonde Production company and self-proclaimed trailer park Barbara Walters.

They both first met at the Fremont Street in Las Vegas at the country Saloon back in 2015, They tied the knot on 31 August 2016 in Las Vegas where the Jelly Roll got down on one knee and Bunnie XO for marriage.

Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife?

The couple had two children, daughter Bailee Ann Deford and son Noah Buddy Deford.

But, At the time of his daughter Bailee Ann, the Jelly Roll was in prison in a case of robbery and drug possession. In 2016, Bunnie XO helped Jelly Roll to get Custody of Bailee Ann.  

Bunnie XO also released many mixtapes and singles which were known for her powerful and emotionally, Charged lyrics.

Jelly Roll said in an interview with Nashville Scene in 2017, “We have an unbreakable love, and it’s real. We’ve been through a lot together, and we’ve always had each other’s backs. She’s my best friend and my soulmate.”  

They also share the struggles with mental health, addiction, and difficulties of working in a high-pressure industry. 

In the Future, the couples work together on the different- different projects and make music together. In 2020, they both launched their “ Addiction Kills” podcast, in this album, they discuss their own life experience with addiction and mental health. 

Fans appreciate their struggles and love stories and said that it was an inspiring love story.

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Networth of Jelly Roll in the Current Year 2023

Jelly Roll is a famous rapper, and songwriter, his net worth is around $6 million, his monthly income is around $ 40,000+, and his salary is approximately $ 500,000+. His youtube channel has produced around $2 million yearly. And his previous year’s net worth is $4 million

Final Words

Jelly Roll is a successful musician and rapper who has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. He is married and has children, but he has not shared any further details about his family or personal life. Fans of his music will have to appreciate his art without prying into his private life.

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