Wilmer Valderrama Net Worth: What Is His Annual Income From Royalties? Updates 2022!

In addition to being a television personality, Wilmer Valderrama is a well-known American actor, producer, and musician. Due to his role in the classic sitcom “That ’70s Show,” he has a significant amount of name recognition. From 1998 through 2006, he portrayed Fez in this programme, and he was there the entire time. Between 2006 and 2007, he hosted Yo Momma and numerous MTV programmes. Additionally, he has been in other well-known films.

Early Years

Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama was born on January 30, 1980, in the Florida city of Miami. His parents managed an agricultural equipment rental enterprise. Valderrama relocated to Venezuela at the age of three. His family’s country of origin is Venezuela. At the age of 14, Valderrama moved permanently to the United States from Venezuela, where he had spent the most of his youth.

When Valderrama moved back to the United States, he quickly became involved in theatre productions at his high school. After observing him perform in plays such as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Rumors,” his high school acting instructor advised him to hire an agent. After that, he was cast in a variety of television programmes, including Disney’s Omba Mokomba and CBS’s Four Corners. He also appeared in a Pacific Bell advertisement.

Wilmer Valderrama was a senior in high school when he won a leading part in an episode of That 70s Show. Beginning in 1998 and continuing through the show’s finale in 2006, he portrayed Fez, a foreign exchange student with a heavy accent. That 70s Show received a total of 16 nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards and became one of Fox’s most successful programmes. After all was said and done, it received only one Emmy in 1999 for Outstanding Costume Design.


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Wilmer Valderrama was engaged in various acting jobs during this time, in addition to his work on That 1970s Show. After being cast in the show three years earlier, he made his big-screen debut opposite Jessica Biel and Freddie Prinze Jr. in 2001’s Summer Catch.

In the 2003 film Party Monster, he portrayed a music DJ, which became one of his most recognisable film roles. In 2005, he made an appearance in the film Beauty Shop. During this time, Valderrama also established himself as a voice actor with his role as Rodrigo in Clifford’s Big Movie. This marked the start of his career in this industry.

Valderrama entered reality television with Yo Momma immediately following the conclusion of That 1970s Show. It aired on MTV from 2006 to 2007, with contestants taking turns criticising one another’s mothers. Ashton Kutcher hosted the MTV show Punk’d, where he appeared three times as a member of the cast of That 70s Show.

The next year, he was cast as the voice of Handy Manny in the Disney Channel smash cartoon series Handy Manny. This show’s target audience is preschoolers. Prior to this, Valderrama appeared in the 2007 independent film El Muerto.

In the 2010s, Wilmer Valderrama made a television comeback and was featured in multiple recurring roles. After playing a recurring role on Wizards of Waverly Place, Valderrama joined the cast of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series in 2013. He began his acting career in 2016 on Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS. Valderrama will provide the voice of Gaxton in the 2020 Disney film Onward.

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Wilmer Valderrama Net Worth

Wilmer Valderrama is a famous American actor who has amassed a net worth of $20 million throughout the course of his career. Wilmer Valderrama’s character Fez on That 1970s Show is largely responsible for his global success.

He is currently most known for his role in the television show NCIS. Since the fourteenth season, he has been a series regular and receives $100,000 every episode. Wilmer Valderrama has appeared in a wide range of films and television programmes in addition to his role in this iconic sitcom. Moreover, he has accomplished greatness in the realm of music.

According to Wilder Valderrama, his first and primary interest is music. When he performs music, he goes under the name “Eduardo Fresco.” In 2011, “The Way I Fiesta” was released. He also directed the music video for LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”; this is one of his many accomplishments. In the Spanish music industry, he is well-known for his contributions to songs like as “Salud,” which he sang alongside Sky Blu and Reek Rude.

Personal Life

It has been widely rumoured that Wilmer Valderrama has been romantically involved with various other well-known celebrities. These ladies include, among others, Demi Lovato, Mandy Moore, and Lindsay Lohan. In the year 2020, he popped the question to Amanda Pacheco.


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Real Estate

Wilmer has been the proud owner of several famous houses in the Los Angeles area over the years. In 2005, he paid $3.52 million for the old residence of Chuck Norris in Tarzana, California. He then began the process of renovating the entire property and expanding it from 2 to 3 acres. The home’s worth has grown to between $5 million and $6 million.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What Ethnicity Is Wilmer Valderrama?

Beginning of life Valderrama was born in 1980 to parents named Balbino A. Valderrama and Sobeida Valderrama in Miami, Florida. His Venezuelan father and Colombian mother gave him their respective given names.

How closely related are Jay Hernandez and Wilmer Valderrama?

Wilmer Valderrama – It was fantastic catching up with my brother Jay Hernandez during the Bernard-Hopkins fight last night.

How were Wilmer and Amanda introduced?

Three years ago, Wilmer Valderrama, who is now 42 years old and rose to stardom as a youngster on That ’70s Show and is now the voice of the father, Agustin, in Disney’s animated smash Encanto, planned to meet model Amanda Pacheco, who is 31 years old, at a café in Los Angeles. Wilmer Valderrama starred in NCIS at the time.

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