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Are Bao and Zack Still Together From MAFS? Find Out!

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Fans love the reality show Married at First Sight, which has been on TV for a long time. As the show had its share of feelings, romance, and drama, some people chose their partners, while others decided not to get married after all.

Season 13 of “Married at First Sight” has been a real roller coaster of emotions. Zack and Bao finally chose each other after breaking up with their previous partners. Zack and Michaela’s divorce was messy, but Zack finally stood by his decision and said that Michaela had misunderstood what he wanted for the two of them.

Also, when Bao and Johnny broke up, Bao’s friends showed their support by throwing her a breakup party with a pinata of Johnny! Later, Zack and Bao gave their relationship another chance, and people wanted to know how things were going between them now. Where did Bao and Zack go? Let’s check to see if Bao and Zack are still together.

Are Bao and Zack Still Together?

Bao and Zack are not together. People say that even though the two got along well on the show, Bao later found out that Zack wasn’t faithful and was seeing another woman at the time. This accusation has gotten stronger since a woman named Elena Guevara came forward and said that after seeing all the pictures of Zack and Bao together over Thanksgiving, she tried to talk to him about it, but Zack denied having a girlfriend, and that was the last thing she heard from Bao.

Bao and Zack

In a long YouTube video, Elena went on to say that Zack was to blame and that neither Bao nor she deserved any hate. Elena also said that she had contacted Zack through Instagram Direct Message. This happened while the show was still on, and they swapped phone numbers.

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Elena admitted that she didn’t know Bao and Zack were dating and said that Zack told her they couldn’t go on dates in public because they might be shot together, which could be a problem since Zack was still on the show.

Bao and Zack’s Married at First Sight Journey

Even though Zack and Bao had a lot in common, they didn’t get married as soon as they met. Instead, Zack was set up with 30-year-old realtor Michaela Clark, and Bao was married to 35-year-old IT project manager Johnny Lam, whom she had met in college.

Unfortunately, things between the two couples went downhill much more quickly than anyone had expected. In the beginning, Zack got the COVID-19 virus, which made him have to stay in quarantine. When he got back, it was hard for him to talk to Michaela, and they fought about strange things.

Johnny and Bao, on the other hand, found that they were very different. Their dislike for each other got so bad that it was easy for them to just not talk to each other. Even though their other relationships were getting worse, Zack and Bao enjoyed being with each other. Even before the day of the choice, Zack and Bao were sure that they wanted to spend more time with each other.

Bao and Zack

On the last day, both Michaela and Johnny wanted to keep the marriage together with their partners. But in the end, Bao and Zack chose to quit. Also, before season 13 could end completely, Zack and Bao were forced to go public. When they were seen together, people started to wonder if they were dating. When Zack’s original partner on the show, Michaela, posted on Instagram that they were dating, things got more serious.

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Both Zack and Bao didn’t want to admit that they were falling in love, but they had to. But the two were soon criticized because Zack and Bao were still in a serious relationship with someone else. So, even though the two fell in love with each other, their relationship was built on shaky ground, which led to rumors.

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