When Will That 90s Show Season 2 Be Released?



After leaving season 1 with a big twist for Leia, anticipation for season 2 of That 90s Show on Netflix is even bigger. So, let’s know everything related to the 90s Show here.

Netflix unveiled a new show  That 90s Show which is an original period teen sitcom and sequel to the series That ’70s Show. That 90s show is set 15 years after the end of That ’70s Show which follows the story of teenager Leia Forman and her new companions as she lives with her grandparents Red and Kitty in Point Place.

After watching the last episode of that 90s show, fans of the series are eager to know whether there will be a second season. If you are excited, here’s everything you need to know about.

When Will That 90s Show Season 2 Be Released?

There has not been any official announcement from Netflix about the renewal. However, regardless of popularity it usually takes two or three months for Netflix to announce whether or not a series has been renewed or canceled after its premiere but if we see the show’s popularity.

That 90s Show Season 2

It seems like that 90s show will be renewed soon. However, one can look at the pattern that Season 1 followed, which premiered on Netflix on January 19, 2023.

Season 1 of the 90s show came around 11 months after filming began in February 2022. So it is believed that season 2 is likely to see a similar change and we can expect to see the second season of That 90s show in early 2024.

What Happened at the End of the Last Episode of Season 1?

The last episode of season 1 ended with Leia and Nate having a romantic moment in the kitchen and almost kissing before Gwen strolled in and stopped them before going to Chicago Jay apologizes to Leia and gives her a chance to work on the relationship.

It is most expected that in season  2, Leia will have to choose between Jay and Nate. This show has a lot to explore beyond this brewing drama between Leia, Jay, Nate, and Nikki.

Additionally, the second season will introduce more characters that every teenager will probably meet as Kitty and Red advise Sherry about her romance and parenting Fez tries to be a stepfather to Gwen and Nate.

Just like That ’70s Show that 90s Show season 2 will mainly revolve around breakups, hookups, and hanging out in the basement.

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Which Cast Will See in the Upcoming Season 2?

As there is no announcement regarding the upcoming show’s star cast but it can be predicted that we’ll see the same cast as in the first season of That 90s Show.  

That 90s Show Season 2

Many of the cast remained the same as in That 70s Show and reprise their roles in That 90s Show including Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman and Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman.

Topher Grace, Wilmer Valderrama, and Laura Prepon return as older versions of their original characters from That ’70s Show, as Eric, Fez, and Donna, respectively.

Mila Kunis, Tommy Chong, Jim Rash, Ashton Kutcher, and Don Stark make cameo appearances as well.

Is There Any Trailer For That 90s Show Season 2?

As of now, there is not any trailer for season 2 of the show, but it is expected that hopefully, we can watch the trailer at the end of this year. But now, you can have a look at That 90s Show season 1 trailer here.

What Will Be the Story of That 90s Show Season 2?

Leia gets ready to move back to Chicago with Donna and Eric for the school year in season one of that 90s show.

Leia suffers from grief about Jay breaking up with her because he was worried about the long-distance relationship and Gwen is upset with her for leaving Point Place.

Leia realizes that she has affection for Nate just before she departs. Leia and Nate almost share a kiss before Jay kisses her and declares that he wants to keep dating them after they are stopped. Leia goes back to Chicago with a smile on her face as That 90s show season one comes to a conclusion.

That 90s Show Season 2

Liea is now heading back to Chicago for the next nine months where she’ll return to her high school with a brand new perspective on life and adolescence.

She’ll likely still be a social outcast in The Debate Club but Leia will be able to call Gwen and Ozzie nearly every day to stay connected to the show’s Point Place.

The biggest question arises whether Leia will choose to keep dating Jay or break up with him and act on her feelings for Nate even while it appears that Jay and Leia’s romance won’t continue very long after season 1 of That 90s Show ends.

The episodes will also need to address Leia’s feelings for both Jay and Nate, as well as the consequences of pursuing a relationship with either of them. 

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